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We provide gritting and snow clearance services to large supermarkets, shopping complexes and other retail outlets in Kent and the South East.

These businesses rely on us to keep their doors open to the public and ensure their car parks and footpaths are safe so they can continue trading whatever the weather.

Shopping Mall Fountain


Primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and specialist schools have long been clients of FGS Gritting.

We ensure that their outside areas remain safe and accessible to staff and children so their education can continue without the disruption of unnecessary snow days.


Hotels and restaurants of varying sizes count on FGS Gritting to ensure they can safely keep their doors open to guests all year round. 

We work with independent hotels and restaurants as well as chains and franchises across Kent and the South East. 

Classic Bedroom
Modern Apartment Block


Many property management companies engage the services of FGS Gritting to ensure that the residential and commercial spaces they manage are clear of snow and ice, and therefore suitable for the tenants they look after. Buildings often include apartment blocks with large car parks and walkways which require gritting and salt supply at the coldest times of the year.


Businesses large and small across the South East rely on us to ensure that their commercial premises are accessible to their workforce and visitors throughout the year.

Snow days can massively disrupt productivity and can be extremely costly so it's always better to be prepared and have a gritting and clearance partner you can depend upon.

Industrial Building
Stethoscope on the Cardiogram


Doctors surgeries and other medical practices have a duty of care to their patients, many of whom may be less able to cope with icy walkways or car parks.

For this reason, numerous GP surgeries, dentists and other medical practices rely on FGS Gritting to keep their outside areas clear of snow and ice throughout the winter.


We work with a regional airport to provide winter gritting services, salt supply and snow clearance (where necessary). These services ensure the airport continues to run flights throughout the year without the disruption that snow or ice on the runway can cause to passenger flights and commercial flights.

Person Rolling Suitcase in Airport
Industrial Building


Often housing many businesses with varying business needs, industrial estates turn to FGS Gritting to enable them to stay open throughout the winter for their commercial tenants.

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